Inna's Cuisine features many great wines and beers from such countries as Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Italy, France, Ukraine and of course domestic wines from Washington and California.  Many of our customers have indicated that they wish they could find many of these wines and beers...well we have solved that by offering them as off-sale products that may can be purchased and taken home.   Now you can enjoy that special beer our wine in your own home and with your special cooking and friends.

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Baltika Beer
The most successful domestic brewery in Russia today is Baltika. While capital flight plagues the rest of the country this company is actually expanding production and attracting foreign investors. Unlike other dominant breweries that use their economic strength to strangle competition, Baltika competes squarely on merit. A solid lineup of flavorful lagers offer something for everyone and quality doesn't take a backseat to profits. Locals refer to Baltika beers by their "number" rather than name. The number 3 is the Baltika Classic. This 12-degree, 4.8% alcohol brew is a clear gold color with a very light pale malt flavor, slight hop bitterness, medium body and clean, creamy mouthfeel. The Baltika Strong, or Number 9, is 17.5-degree and comes in at 8.5% alcohol. Clear gold in color, and lightly carbonated, this medium-bodied brew offers an even flavor balance where a pale malt sweetness is matched to a subtle hop bitterness. Ultimately, all of the very clean characteristics coalesce into a slightly alcoholic, warming finish. Very nice! Newly imported to the U.S., the Baltika 4 Baltika Original is labeled a "Dark Beer" and comes in at 5.6% alcohol by volume. From the 16.9 FL OZ bottle pours the dense, dark amber brew sporting a weak head. The flavor balance is toward the sweet side, with a big malty character matched to a big body and culminating in a clean, dry finish.




Sparkling   fresh & lively


Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin (France)  

Champagne Moet & Chardon White Star (France) 42.00
Champagne Red Muscat Krimskoe semi-sweet (Ukraine) 16.00
Korbel Brut 15.00
Asti Martini & Rossi (Italy) 15.00
Chardonnay tropical, ripe & luscious  
Chardonnay Chateau Ste.Michelle Canoe Ridge Vineyard 28.00
Chardonnay George Du Bouf (France) 12.00
Chardonnay Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve 20.00
Chardonnay Ryan Patrick 20.00
Chardonnay Wedge Mountain 20.00
Deux Chevaux Blancs Chardonnay Semillon Wedge Mountain 20.00
Winemaker Muscat (Moldova) 22.00
Tvishi (George) 18.00
Tsinandali(Georgia) 18.00
Pinot Grigio crisp, tangy & mild  
Pinot Gris Château Faire Le Pont 15.00
Pinot Grigio Gabbiano 15.00
Pinot Grigio Hogue 15.00
Pinot Grigio “Marquis de Blanc “ (Moldova)     Magnum 22.00
Something Different crisp & refreshing  
Riesling Chateau Ste.Michelle 10.00
Riesling Saint Laurent 18.00
Riesling Château Faire Le Pont 18.00
Riesling Silver Lake 12.00
Riesling Martin-Scott 18.00
Reisling St. M (Germany) 16.00
Sauvignon Blanc Vin du Lac 18.00
Vouvray Barton & Guestier (France) 14.00
Gewurztraminer Martin-Scott 18.00
Blush soft, smooth & slightly sweet  
Rose Saint Laurent 14.00
Red Blends full, rich & approachable  
Château Faire Le Pont Confluence 38.00
Château Faire Le Pont Provence 30.00
Fielding Hills River Bend Red 42.00
Saint Laurent LeBoheme 42.00
Ryan Patrick Reserve Red 50.00
Ryan Patrick Rock Island Red 20.00
Wedge Mountain Trois Chevaux Rouges 26.00
Vin du Lac Cuvee Rouge 22.00
Martin-Scott Raven Ridge Red 22.00
Zenato Valpolicella (Italy) 18.00
Falesco Vitiano (Italy) 14.00
Kindzmarauli (Georgia) 20.00
Kindzmarauli (Georgia) clay 30.00
Khvanchara (Georgia) 22.00
Khvanchara (Georgia) clay 30.00
Mukuzani(Georgia) 22.00
Black Monk Red Off-Dry (Moldova) 22.00
Akhasheni (Georgia) 22.00
Akhasheni (Georgia) Jar 28.00
Alazani Valley (Georgia) 22.00
Chianti Placido (Italy) 20.00
Chianti Poggiolo Federico Bonfio (Italy) 20.00
Colosi Sicilia Roso (Italy) 14.00
Kagor Crimian Collection (Ukraine) 18.00
CMS Hedges 18.00
J. Drouhin Beaujolais– Villages (France) 16.00
Cabernet and Syrah robust, rich & delicious  
PepperBridge Cabernet Sauvignon 55.00
Cabernet Château Faire Le Pont 20.00
Cabernet Fielding Hills 36.00
Cabernet Saint Laurent 20.00
Cabernet Wedge Mountain 24.00
Cabernet Costal Estate BV 17.00
Cabernet Beringer Founder’s Estate 17.00
Syrah Château Faire Le Pont 24.00
Syrah Fielding Hills 42.00
Syrah Saint Laurent 27.00
Syrah Wedge Mountain 22.00
Syrah Snoqualmie Vineyard 12.00
Syrah Smoking Loon 15.00
Melnik (Bulgaria) 20.00
Merlot velvety, soft & lush  
Merlot Red Diamond 18.00
Merlot Saint Laurent 20.00
Merlot Beringer Founder’s Estate 15.00
Merlot BV Costal Estates 15.00
Merlot Wedge Mountain 20.00
Merlot Fielding Hills 42.00
Winemaker "Cab/Merlot) (Moldova) 20.00
Stradivari "Cab/Merlot) (Moldova) 20.00
Marquis de Noir “Cab/Merlot” (Moldova)   Magnum 24.00
Pinot Noir silky & smooth  
Pinot Noir Rex Hill 26.00
Pinot Noir Echelou 18.00
Red Zinfandel bold & peppery  
Red Zinfandel Terra D’ Oro 20.00
Red Zinfandel Ravenswood 14.00
Dessert Wine  
Port and Muscat sweet, rich & delicious  
Crimian Red Port / Massandra 500ml (Ukraine) 14.00
White Muscat S.Coast / Massandra (Ukraine) 18.00
Muscat Dessert White (Ukraine) 14.00
Rubin semi-sweet (Ukraine) 18.00
Tern’s Nest Dessert Rose (Ukraine) 18.00
Crimian Night Dessert Red (Ukraine) 18.00
Micros and Imports  
Alaskan Amber 2.00
Fat Tire Ale 2.00
Sierra Nevada 2.00
Baltika #3 classic lager 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Baltika #4 dark lager 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Baltika #6 porter 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Baltika #7 export lager 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Baltika #8 wheat ale 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Baltika #9 extra lager 500ml (Russia) 2.75
Czechvar Lager 16.9 oz 3.75


“Many people in Washington State are thankful that their favorite European and local wine and beer are available to them and we will be happy to ship to permitted states quality products, that people have loved for years or just discovered for themselves and came to love. Please contact us for more information.”

All of our wines are shipped by Pak-It-Rite.  For shipping and handling information please contact them direct at or phone 1-800-666-2730


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